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In 2078 AD, humans have mastered interstellar travel. After humans settled down for the first time, the first batch of human voyagers built a "super universe" on the Proxima Centauri system, and humans officially entered the era of interstellar migration. There are millions of planets in Hyperverse, which is a virtual metaverse. In the merchant, players (also known as voyagers) can connect with friends, experience different cultures and lifestyles, create tokenized items, start businesses, and explore the universe. It offers a fair chance to every inhabitant of the galaxy. Meet new people, learn about different cultures and ways of life, make NFT items, start a business, and learn about the universe.

time Updated: Nov 26,23


New Branding A brand-new visual experience, a more user-friendly way of interaction design, brings you the fresh feeling while using it.

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