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Logisticshealth provides care through a nationwide network of medical, dental and behavioral health providers. Their network consists of a variety of specialties that help them meet the diverse needs of their clients. It understands the unique mission-critical nature of your pharmaceutical supply chain—they are fully committed to ensuring product integrity and helping you serve your valued customers and patients safely and securely. Their best-in-class safety systems ensure the safety and efficacy of products and monitor the entire chain of custody through bulk transport, storage and delivery to caregivers and patients. Currently offering licensed drug storage and distribution services in Atlanta, GA and Orlando, FL. They are quickly adding cities across the country, let them know your location priorities so they can meet your unique needs.
time Updated: Dec 09,23

LHI: Provider Network - Logistics Health

Our Provider Network includes practitioners at all levels in general medicine and most specialties; medical assistants and administrative support staff. As part ...

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